Leighton to seek unprecedented fourth term as Wilkes-Barre City mayor

Following Tuesday night’s city council work session, Wilkes-Barre City Mayor Tom Leighton convened a private meeting in his office with councilmen Tony George and George Brown to inform them of his intention to seek a fourth term as mayor in 2015. According to Tony George, Leighton stated that he wanted to notify the two men because he knew both councilmen were also planning to seek the office next year.

When asked whether Leighton’s announcement would affect his campaign, Tony George told the Gazette  it wouldn’t “at all. I am fully committed.”

According to several sources who asked not to be identified, Leighton had recently been observed soliciting donations on behalf of Councilman Brown’s mayoral campaign at the local YMCA.

Messages left for Leighton and Brown were not returned as of the time of publication.

[Article updated for style at 8:50 a.m. November 19, 2014]

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