Possible suspect in downtown Wilkes-Barre vandalism probe emerges

The Independent Gazette has obtained security footage of a possible suspect in a downtown Wilkes-Barre vandalism spree that damaged some 40 vehicles, as well as windows at the Times Leader printing facility. The incident occurred late Friday, September 5, or early Saturday, September 6.

In spite of a Hawkeye camera located directly in front of the Times Leader printing facility no images from Hawkeye have been available to Wilkes-Barre police. Fortunately, private surveillance camera footage capturing the Genetti Hotel and Conference Center parking lot, as well as video from several cameras positioned on Thom Greco’s bridal shop, Oyster Weddings at Genetti, located on Pennsylvania Ave., were able to capture a young male walking through the Genetti parking lot that evening holding what appeared to be a gun and seemingly shooting randomly, all while looking down at a cell phone he was carrying. One sequence later showed the same male approaching the bridal shop from the direction of the Pennsylvania Ave. Turkey Hill, still peering at the phone.

Acting Wilkes-Barre police Chief Robert Hughes was provided a copy of the video by the Gazette, and has been working with Commander Coffay to make a positive identification. Anyone who can identify the pictured individual is urged to contact city police directly at (570) 208-4222 or call 911.

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