Letter to the Editor: Lupas diseased?

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Lupas diseased?

Privilege, that’s how this works!

Some faceless FED without a single medical credential decided that this Piece of Crap Lupas is not competent to stand trial and “violà,” he walks away from the charges scot-free.

I’m not saying that no one can ever be incompetent to stand trial, but such a disposition should incorporate a loss of liberty to some extent. What I mean is that this guy committed crimes that he cannot be punished for and still gets to run free. What happens when he commits more crimes while running free?

This thief should be committed to some kind of custodial setting until the time he can be held accountable.

Why not?

In conclusion, Lupas is just another dirty Nor’easter that got away with it because of who he is and who he knows. The biggest Piece of Crap here is the Federal Prosecutor that decided Lupas’s victims didn’t deserve their day in court.

Dreaming of liberty and justice for all,
Richard Stands, Pittston

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