Letter to the Editor: Responsible action needed for Moon Lake Park

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Several projects were abandoned by the Luzerne County Council majority in 2012. A detailed plan for the repair and restoration of the Train Station Complex in Wilkes-Barre was axed by Manager Robert Lawton with the support of his close friends on Council: Bobeck, Haas, Houck, and Williams. A detailed plan and federal dollars were available to rehabilitate the Train Station Complex. This piece of real estate is now more blighted and dilapidated, and continues to decrease in value because of Lawton and his cheerleaders on county council.

With the topic of bond funds being discussed on a worthy capital project such as Moon Lake that will benefit the people of Luzerne County, Bobeck, Haas, Houck, and Williams fail to mention they allowed Lawton to spend $3 million of bond money to run day-to-day operations in the Courthouse in 2012. This was during Mr. Lawton’s first year as manager when he “overspent” $7.4 million more than was authorized by council.

Bobeck, Haas, and Houck were not in favor of Councilman Stephen A. Urban’s proposal to make improvements to Moon Lake.

Irresponsible? Really? Who has been irresponsible?

During a recent Luzerne County Council Work Session council members Bobeck, Haas, Houck and Williams voted against a proposal to use capital dollars to support the rehabilitation of camping, water, sewer, and recreational facilities at Moon Lake.

These individuals’ votes demonstrate they have no interest to set money aside to make repairs to Moon Lake. There are funds available through Act 13 to sustain staffing and maintenance of Moon Lake every year. This is a responsible proposal.

Moon Lake is worth the effort. Moon Lake should not be tossed aside.

Kathy Dobash, member, Luzerne County Council

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