Silence is Compliance: Would you recognize tyranny? Part I

[Part II of this article may be found here.]

Would you recognize tyranny? Honestly ask yourself that question. How would you know if you are on the right side of history? Being a citizen of the empire, you, the reader, live in a bubble and are constantly being reinforced with the notion that “we are the good guys” and that “we are bringing peace to the world,” “we” being American citizens of the United States federal government and anybody who stands behind it and the actions carried out in its name. I know that when conversation arises about foreign policy, it usually consists merely of left-vs.-right talking points. Consider that most of the “anti-war Left” were really just anti-Bush, and I wouldn’t even have a problem with that if they stuck to their principles and continued to be anti-war, but that wasn’t the case. When George W. Bush left office, it seemed the “anti-war Left” departed with him.

But the hypocrisy doesn’t stop there, not by a long shot, and if you aren’t familiar with my politics you might already be assuming I’m a far-left liberal. Not only would your assumption be wrong, but it would signal just how small the boxes are that most of us live in — that if you’re not one thing then you must be the other. So let me try to pry through the cognitive dissonance and cure the Stockholm Syndrome with a dose of truth and some facts. There is no difference between Republicans and Democrats when it comes to the march of tyranny. It is a constant progression towards oppression for the people, while those in control become fewer and fewer, their power consolidating and increasing.

If you want to limit the argument to social issues and assert that there is indeed a difference between the two parties, then okay, to a small degree there is. If you want to argue over how tight the shackles are and ignore the fact that you are actually shackled, then I don’t know what I can do for you. If you have spent ten seconds talking about an NFL football team changing their name but don’t know what the NDAA is, well, you would be the one to prove my case.

So yes, there are things that might swing from left to right and back on a small scale, but that’s more of a distraction than anything. So I ask again, would you recognize tyranny? It’s easy to look at other countries and see oppression and genocide and call it out as tyranny. The same goes for history. Many have studied and understand what has happened to countries and empires since as far back as the written record will take us. Just last century people suffered under some of the worst oppression the world has ever seen: Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Russia, Pol Pot’s Cambodia. And don’t forget Mao Tse-tung’s “Great leap forward,” which led to the death of 80 million people in “The Peoples Republic of China.”

Just in case you didn’t know, totalitarians use the word “republic” for their governments as well. Now leap ahead to modern America. I have written and spoken extensively on fraudulent elections, as well as oligarchs who have seized control of the Senate, the Congress, the White House, and the courts and judicial system, leaving you with no way to redress your grievances. All the while, the corporate-owned media supplies cover and continues the illusion that it is still “left vs. right,” that every two to four years you get to vote and hope for a change that will never come.

  • Anthony Antonello
  • Following six years in the military, and much time as a medic and firefighter, Anthony Antonello has witnessed the ups and downs in life. From spending time fighting for the United States military, to the everyday horror covered on the local news, Antonello was there, witnessing events most only see from the comfort of their homes on a TV screen.Not allowing those images to simply absorb in the noise of the mainstream media, there was only one thing left to do for the man from Northeastern Pennsylvania: become politically active. Antonello now travels the country, covering stories and events to show people firsthand what the mainstream media refuse to show —and asking questions the mainstream media refuse to ask using whatever means possible to get people thinking.

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