Letter to the Editor: Who regulates the regulators?

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Everything (i.e., the quality of life on this rock) gets down to human nature (if there is such). Both capitalism and socialism are dead. A blend of the two seems doable, but THE question remains — who regulates the regulators? This question pre-dates Rome and the Greeks. No system of government is better than the quality of its people.

Capitalism seems to lead to crony capitalism, which, as Mussolini averred (“corporatism”) — this is THE definition of fascism. Despotism.

Socialism tends toward communism, and unregulated capitalism is as bad as communism. In either case the ruled have no say. Be a serf and shut up.

The U.S. Constitution is a good attempt to deal with the dilemma of who regulates the regulators. However, the Constitution assumes that people generally can’t handle power. This appears to be the trend of history (read The Bedside Book of Bastards!!). It appears there have been truly benevolent dictators (e.g., Charlemagne). Rule of law, as opposed to rule of personality, is the way to go, but the powerful don’t generally obey the laws. “Live and let live” is always an endangered species. Vigilance works only when the involved people are intelligent, not overly self-involved, and realize that what hurts one hurts all. No psychopaths need apply, nor any Manchurian candidates.

Those content with their paychecks primarily will have to be content with being fascist or commie slaves. But the “elites” will live like Caesars (e.g., Soros, Bush, Kissinger) on your taxes.

TR James, Luzerne County

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