Letter to the Editor: An open letter to state legislators concerning SB/HB 76

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Representatives, Senators, Finance Committee:

I serve as president of the Pa AFSCME 8702 retirees and am also president of the Luzerne County Property Owners for School Property Tax elimination. We are among the 84 member groups of the PTCC (Pennsylvania Taxpayers Cyber Coalition).

Many of our members, retirees, and senior citizens are struggling to pay their school taxes. Throughout the Commonwealth 40,000 lose their homes and 350,000 to foreclosures each year. You will find in your district and you will read in your newspaper, homes that are up for sheriff’s sale.

People’s Golden Years are turning to rust and no man should lose his castle who has worked up to retirement and dreams of owning a home.

Now, think! About the Grandma down the street, the sweet older man at your church or temple, the widow and widower, or even your family members. Chances are at the least one of these seniors are struggling to pay their taxes or to put food on the table.

Thousands of Pennsylvanians seniors and middle-aged are at the risk of losing their homes and face hunger and may live below the poverty level. The working middle class want to own a home, a dream that some will never see because they cannot afford to purchase and pay the taxes that are out of reach.

Think of what you can do as a Pennsylvanian Lawmaker for the thousands that are struggling through no fault of their own. No one should lose their home and We, the People, are asking you who have the power to alleviate this problem that has been going on for at least 30 years without very little results.

The fate of these people lie in your hands, and yes you can by supporting HB/SB 76. You can accomplish anything you want. We thought that sending man to the moon or outer space was impossible, but WE DID IT.

Remember WE, the People, who are the government put you in office because we believed in you and that you would represent us and our Commonwealth with a moral obligation.

Do you remember when you were first elected that you swore you would uphold the law the Constitution and serve the people?

Representatives and Senators, please don’t turn your back on these people who need help. You have the authority and power which we bestowed upon you. The people of this Commonwealth are in need of the elimination of school property tax; the train to Harrisburg is leaving in November you still have time to get on board by SUPPORTING  HB/SB 76. If you don’t want to miss the train contact your constituents and get a free ticket.

Charles Urban, Kingston

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