Letter to the Editor: 1968 PA law defined “weather modification”

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Here are a few sections of a Pennsylvania bill actually signed into law as Public Law 1024, No. 449, by Governor Raymond Shafer back in 1968.

Section 1. Declaration of Policy.—The public interest, health, safety, welfare and necessity require that scientific experimentation in the field of artificial nucleation, and that scientific efforts to develop and increase natural precipitation of rain, snow, moisture, or water in any form contained in the atmosphere, with in any form contained in the atmosphere, within the State, be encouraged in order to develop, conserve, and protect the natural water resources of the State and to safeguard life and property.

Section 2. Definitions.—As used in this act—
. . .
(2) “Department” means the Department of Agriculture.
(3) “Operation” means the performance of weather modification and control activities . . .
. . .
(6) “Weather modification and control” means changing or controlling, or attempting to change or control, by artificial methods the natural development of any or all atmospheric cloud forms and precipitation forms which occur in the troposphere.

Section 3. Weather Modification Board.—(a)There is hereby created within the department a Weather Modification Board. Such advisory board shall be composed of seven members who shall be:
(1) The Secretary of Agriculture.
(2) The Secretary of Commerce.
(3) The Secretary of Health.
(4) The Dean of the College of Earth Sciences at Pennsylvania State University.
(5) Three members to be appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate.

The rest of the bill is law and regulation. After reading it you realize no one is following the law. Does any one inform you when they are modifying  the weather? They are supposed to put it in the newspaper and the county they are doing it in. Does anyone know what the planes are spraying and why they are blocking our sun. Lack of sun causes many health problem for every living thing on this planet. What chemicals are coming out of those planes? How many people are compensated  after they flood you? What they do is make you buy FEMA flood insurance. They are not safeguarding our life or property. Snow causes how many accidents and death and causes our insurance rates to go up. I sent this law to all local state Representatives and most Senators. The next time you see planes spraying, you feel free to call and bitch . . . they can’t tell you they don’t know what you are talking about. I also found weather modification in the Senate’s 2013 version of this legislation. Everything is based on Commerce and lies. Problem, reaction, solution.

Dorene Schutz, Wilkes-Barre


Incorrect answer mdimirco. Unless you enjoy ingesting known toxic chemicals such as Aluminum oxide, barium and strontium you had better take the time to express your unwillingness to being victim to a chemistry experiment. It is an absolute fact that weather modification has been employed for over 50 years and many commercial companies brag about their clients [Aeromet] on their business roster webpages. Rainmaking is one thing with known results. Solar remediation in another modification element with very negative repercussions which involves harmful toxins which are making people sick and compromising their immune systems. The violent re-equalization  and barometric rebounds also cause unusual recoil from natural weather systems. Become educated. Go to Purdons law dictionary if necessary and obtain the legislation info. Call members of the board. Most of your legislators play dumb until they can't back peddle anymore. Most ARE aware. They however will hit you with pausable denial until cornered, The global radiation remediation programs are ABOVE the State or Federal oversight and this is the legitimate problem your representatives face.


Please don't call your or email your senators or any other representatives telling them to stop spraying chemtrails. If you must get worked up enough about something to contact your legislators about, there are plenty of things that actually exist to keep you occupied for a very long time before you need to break out the tinfoil hats. What about the Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision to allow warrant-less vehicle searches and eroding our 4th amendment rights to persecute small time drug offenders? That is something that actually happened and warrants bitching about. That is just one example of something that would NOT be a complete waste of time and effort. Our politicians are extraordinarily busy cold calling for campaign contributions for the better parts of their day so when we do put the effort into interrupting their campaign soliciting with our grievances, lets try to pick things that are real.