Common law grand jury group meets in Edwardsville

A group of about twelve interested in the common law grand jury model met at the Edwardsville Grotto Pizza at the end of April to learn more about that type of jury. Wilkes-Barre resident Rick Wright moderated the discussion in addition to presenting a video from the National Liberty Alliance website, The video focused on the Texas Transportation Code, delving into the specialized legal use of common words such as “vehicle,” “commercial motor vehicle,” “transport,” “traveler” and others. Latin legal terms, of course, were sprinkled into the presentation, such as malum prohibitum (wrong due to being prohibited) and mens rea (guilty mind).

Rick Wright

Rick Wright

Common law grand jury promoter Veronica “Niki” Hannevig, from Lackawanna County, relayed experiences she’s had in Nevada and elsewhere with driver licensing and exercising her right to freely travel while not engaging in commerce. She reminded the group in closing that “all law is contractual.”


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