Letter to the Editor: The politics of skywatching

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Enjoy this past winter? This is was not natural weather. It takes no genius to connect sky events with consequent weather. Maybe those watching crap TV and porn could strain their necks to skywatch daily and at night. Chemtrails have been up there 18 years. Hitler would have enjoyed the sight.

Read Will Thomas or go to www.geoengineering.org (Dane Wiginton). The public will have to demand an accounting. Aluminum, barium, strontium, and possibly viral/organisms have and are being experimented with. Does the zombie public care?

Those with even a smattering of science education should be able to discern the differences between CONdensation trails and chemtrails. It’s time to know what the Pentagon is up to — the chemistry, the schedules, the effects. Your life may depend on it. And we make fun of a “good German.”

It is 1938 here, including the nefarious presence of George Soros. Read Death in the Air by Dr. Len Horowitz, especially Will Thomas’ chemtrail chapter.

TR James, Luzerne County

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