Letter to the Editor: Found your paper on my doorstep

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Last weekend your paper ended up on my doorstep. I was not going to read it and thought it was just a lot of junk papers with coupons that I cannot use, like the junk papers that end up in my mailbox. What really made me open you up and read it was what was on the front page. It says, “Wilkes-Barre Independent Gazette,” with the eagle on it — love that.

I enjoy the fact it was all about my home city that I love, Wilkes-Barre. Also, I want to thank you for posting a letter that Mary Pelletier wrote about the streets of Wilkes-Barre not being clean. When Mr. Mayor took over our streets have stop being clean. But if you drive down South Main and all around the Square they are so clean and are cleaned every week, it would seem. So tell me why, in my city I love and pay taxes, why my street and all the streets are not clean. Are our streets not that important?

All this Mr. Mayor is showing me, showing to us and to our neighbor city, is that the streets we live on are not as important as the people that live on them. I think if he starts to care about our streets maybe the people that live on them and your neighbor city will start talking differently about our city.

I hope to see your paper again on my doorstep; it was very enjoyable to read.

Thank you.

Shirley Anderson, Wilkes-Barre

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