Letter to the Editor: 22 WVSA employees should be fired

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Not only should DeSanto pay or serve time for what he did but the 22 WVSA EMPLOYEES that we pay should be fired.

All 22 of them KNEW they were deceiving the public. They could have gone to the press or the Pennsylvania State Police and reported wrongdoing with PUBLIC funds. But no, they went with unethical and illegal acts.

I pay and have been paying big bucks to the WVSA and at the current rate of $360 a year — this is disgusting.

Why pay such an outfit if they are stealing?

The 22 WVSA employees aren’t any different from the City of Wilkes-Barre frat members who took our gas and watched as so many STOLE our gas.

This WVSA outfit actually shuts the water off at homes that cannot pay their bills and then we read this crap!

It’s all about ethics!

Linda Urban, Wilkes-Barre

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