Letter to the Editor: Real estate agent supports the Property Tax Independence Act

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We need property tax reform now. According to the Executive Director of the IFO [the Pennsylvania Legislature’s Independent Fiscal Office], the cumulative of school property taxes since 1994 has been 146%. These property taxes have increased at more than twice the inflation rate. Have the salaries of Pennsylvanians grown at twice the rate of inflation over the past several years? I don’t think so. It’s pretty unrealistic to believe that these property taxes are sustainable.

Realistically, our families and friends have been sharing stories about their unfortunate struggle during the recent Holiday season. Many are losing their homes. It is estimated that around 10,000 Pennsylvanians lost their homes in 2012 due to unreasonably high property taxes. Many have to decide if they will visit the doctor for health concerns, or pay their ever-increasing property tax bill. All the while opponents of HB/SB 76 continues to spread false information about this important bill. These detractors state that “House Rules” do not allow a vote in the House on Senate Bill 76. Pennsylvanians need to look no further than the recent Transportation vote to learn that this “House Rules” argument is invalid. Other opponents say that the “numbers don’t work.” In fact, the numbers in Senate Bill 76 do work. They would consistently increase funding at the rate of inflation. I ask that the Pennsylvania Senate do what is right. Pennsylvanians, support Senate Bill 76.

Shannon Real Estate Co. Leo Shannon, Broker Kingston

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