We’re Growing! – And you can help

Here at the Independent Gazette, we’ve always sought to bring you the news that other outlets won’t, whether it be coverage of free and equal elections or the breaking “Custody4Cash” scandal. We are the newspaper that whistleblowers turn to when there is no one else to trust, and when other papers are too afraid of angering large corporations or government bigshots to print a citizen’s ordeal with such powers. Our goal has always been to report the truth as we find it, and to be a voice for the voiceless.

Now we want to expand our message and bring a free and independent press to others who desperately need one, too. The issues we’re tackling are big, extending beyond our current reach. So we’ve decided to launch a new print edition, the Pocono Independent Gazette — and that’s why we’re asking for your support.

On March 15, the Ides of March, we’ll be launching an Indiegogo Campaign (to permit donations via the internet). And, we’ll be giving away some cool perks as our way of saying thanks to those who donate, including custom-designed T-shirts and a Cooking with Blake eBook with exclusive recipes from our resident columnist chef, only available through the Campaign.

All funds raised will go directly to covering the costs of printing the paper, procuring new equipment, and keeping our weekly Sanity Check radio show up and running. Full details will be available on the Campaign page at igg.me/at/muckraker after the site launches.

By standing with us come March 22, you will be taking charge of your freedom by taking charge of your message. Join us in our effort to rekindle the spirit of a free press!

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