The Eclectic Circus brings unique performance art to the area

A new and unique performance art group has sprung up in the area — the vibrant and energetic Eclectic Circus — a troupe of young artistic performers regaling the eyes with acts reminiscent of a seventh-century fair. Not only does the group now march in many of the region’s parades (including the Greater Pittston St. Patrick’s Parade), but it can also be seen at many other local venues, or even hired as an attraction at private events!

The Eclectic Circus was created by Dani Davison and her band of “misfit artists,” and birthed in Jim Thorpe, a community well known for its love of the arts. Beginning merely as hoop dancing between friends (hula hoop, that is), the Circus has since evolved into a full-spectrum troupe.

This group has it all: fire breathers, aerial silk performers, various stilt walkers, acrobats, jugglers, hoop dancers, didgeridoo music, puppets, and even a wide variety of sideshow acts to wow — with performers dressed in various unusual (and often custom-made), colorful costumes. Workshops and classes with, or lessons from, performers are even on the Eclectic Circus’ list of offerings.

As stated on the group’s website,

The word “eclectic” certainly describes this circus group that does a little bit of everything. Whether you want a little taste of circus, or you want the full dose, the Eclectic Circus always brings the party.

Many members have even honed multiple skills. Davison doesn’t limit her art to the ground — taking to the air as an aerial acrobat when not hooping or stilt walking. Jess Smallwood, a stilt walker, also incorporates belly dancing, swordplay, and fire breathing into her act. She occasionally even “mixes things up” to surprise a crowd by emerging in historical garb, such as that of an old-timey railroad conductor.

To learn more about the Eclectic Circus, visit its website at, or view its Facebook page. For detailed information on classes and pricing, email Davison at And to see them perform live, join this writer in Pittston for the parade on Saturday, March 8, in Jim Thorpe on Sunday, March 9, or at any of their many future events. Or, hire them for your next party or event — what other circus comes right to your door?

It looks like I need to start planning my excuse to have a big bash!

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