Grow your own super multi-vitamin for pennies a day

I was always cold sensitive. I am a native of Florida and for most of my life I would grab for a sweater if the temperatures got down into the 70’s. Now I am comfortable going barefoot right to almost freezing. What has made the difference? I believe it is mainly due to good nutrition.

Before you go reaching for a bottle of vitamins, check out some other material regarding the dangers of synthesized nutrients. Currently, most of my nutrition comes from years of eating from my garden and small livestock. Since most of you probably don’t have your gardens in full swing yet, and buying from the farmers market may not be in your budget, what can you do?

Have you ever heard of wheatgrass juice? It’s a powerful juice produced from young wheat plants, which you can grow yourself. If grown in a rich organic soil, young wheat absorbs 92 of the known 102 minerals it contains. Drinking the juice is like taking a super-vitamin that is highly absorbable by the human body. It only costs pennies a day. You can find several sources on the web, or drop an email to this newspaper and I’ll give you some recommendations. A good starting kit including a juicer costs only about $135. Oh, and for you apartment dwellers, you can certainly grow wheatgrass indoors in a small space.

Azomite Trace Mineral powder is an inexpensive natural rock from volcanic deposits in central Utah. Azomite has 67 major and trace elements, and its name means “A to Z Of Minerals Including Trace Elements.” That is pretty much every element that’s beneficial to plants and animals, and other elements (micronutrients) scientists believe essential.

Grow Your Own GroceriesI like to grow my wheatgrass in a mixture of my homemade compost and some Azomite. As the wheatgrass grows it absorbs and transforms the minerals into a more digestible form for the human body than simply taking the powder, although I also sometimes simply take the powder.

An ounce of wheatgrass juice a day is about all you need. I can’t say I am particularly fond of the taste. And note that I don’t take wheatgrass juice continuously all of the year, as it really is a strong medicine. But wow, you can’t beat the cost effectiveness of this high quality source of nutrition.

Someday I want to break through the ice when I jump into the pool.

  • Marjory Wildcraft
  • I became worried about the economy, possible pandemics, peak oil, and a host of other issues. Then I learned about GMO’s, pink slime, hormones, and toxic chemicals in the food supply. I felt unbelievably vulnerable when I realized how dependent I was on huge, corporate agri-business for my food, and how fragile that vast system is. I wanted out!I want healthy food! I began in earnest to research and implement every kind of food production method I could find.At first I was taking every workshop, reading every book, and visiting all kinds of farmers, homesteaders, survivalists, and gardeners – and then going home and trying it for myself. Initially I had a lot of failures. But I kept at it, and after a while I started producing.Then I found myself being the teacher. I offered workshop after workshop teaching hundreds of people how to grow food.I can teach you what to do and, more importantly, what not to do. I will show you what works and more importantly, my failures, some of them very costly (to the tune of thousands of dollars) so you never have to make them yourself.

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