100 Years of Government Theft

The United States gave birth to an abomination on December 23, 1913. It was conceived by a group of men right out of Rosemary’s Baby and consummated in a secret gathering place known as Jekyll Island. Some of the richest and most powerful men in America would go on to be its Godfathers. They nurtured this demon spawn and played wet nurse as it was sold to the public as the new panacea that would free us from the evils of the business cycle. The abomination they created is none other than the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve is not your friend. The Federal Reserve believes it operates above the law, and if looked at with an objective eye, it functions much like a type of banking cartel our founding fathers feared could threaten the concept of a limited government. They were right. The Fed is at the very heart of our financial problems, and until the vast majority of the public becomes aware of this, they will not subside.

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  • Jason Scheurer
  • Jason Scheurer is a Financial Advisor, former US Senate Candidate, Eagle Scout, radio talk show host and columnist.

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