Words of Wisdom: Dariel Belcher

At 89 years young, Dariel Belcher is the epitome of well roundedness. She can throw a sophisticated dinner party for which she has done all the floral arrangements herself one night, and beat grown men at pool with a beer in her hand at the local pub the next. She calls her house “Gram Central Station,” because family and friends are forever gathering there, as Belcher never wants to miss even one moment of fun to be had. Her daughter even had to stop her from attempting the flying trapeze at a circus demonstration when Belcher was 80! When asked what her secret is and for some advice on life, Belcher had this to say (with a mischievous smile): “I advise everybody to drink bourbon! When you’re old and sitting around and it’s dull, suddenly five o’clock comes around and you have your bourbon and it gives you a punch. That punch is great! It keeps you going!”


Dariel and Chancey

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