The bunny worth his weight in gold

Little Man’s owner bought him two springs ago at a pet store. He cost was merely $20—all for a floppy-eared, miniature black lop with grey feet in a plain paper box. No one knew that this inexpensive pet would end up costing thousands, and testing the bond between human and animal.

At a very young age, Little Man showed that he was not so little after all, jumping even the highest gates, and chomping on electrical cords. But, as naughty as he could be, Little Man was also very sweet. He learned the sound of his owner’s car, and would wait for him at the door after work. When “daddy” got home, he and Little Man would play on the floor, and Little Man would hop all over him, licking his face and arms. They would touch noses and you could truly see how much they loved each other.

Then one day, Little Man started acting despondent, and failing to eat. His owner rushed him to Dr. Karin at Creature Comforts Veterinary Hospital in Saylorsburg, the only vet in the area fully equipped to treat bunnies. Little Man had an ingrown tooth and a very tricky abscess. The bacteria causing the dental issues kept invading other areas. He ended up needing multiple surgeries, and having to remain at Creature Comforts for over four months!

Little Man And Clover

Little Man And Clover

Now, many owners—and many vets—would have just given up in defeat, saying, “Put the bunny to sleep. Operating on him is not going to be cost-effective.” But not Little Man’s owner, and certainly not Dr. Karin. As Little Man was in good spirits and not in pain, they both decided that they would keep him alive, no matter what. Creature Comforts never gave up on the sable bundle of energy, so he kept fighting, too.

Finally, after unparalleled, modern treatment, and a lot of love by the vet staff, Little Man was able to return home for the holidays. He now even has a best friend—an abandoned rabbit named Clover, who his owner adopted from Creature Comforts. Now there are two bunnies waiting at the door every night to lick their “daddy’s” face, and to show him love and thanks for believing that all animals are worth saving.

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