New church aims to assist in rebuilding community

Pastor Adam McGahee and his wife Lisa are no strangers to the problems plaguing the city, but instead of fleeing Wilkes-Barre, the McGahee’s are hoping to make a positive impact in their neighborhood through the power of prayer. McGahee is pastor of Moving River Ministries, located at 453 South Main Street, the former home of the Messiah Lutheran Church. Moving River held its first church service on October 13 at 10:00 am, and members are inviting all to their official community welcoming service on Sunday, November 3, at 10:00 am.

In addition to traditional Sunday worship, the new church has plans for several community outreach programs, such as a community after-school youth group offering peer study groups, activities, and support groups for children and teens. The after-school program will officially kick off at the start of 2014, and will be run by church leaders and volunteers. “We want to simply offer a safe place for kids to go, learn, interact, and have something constructive to do, whether that’s playing a board game, praying, or studying. If they’re in church, and not on the streets, there will be less chance the kids can get into trouble,” stated Lisa McGahee, organizer of the extracurricular initiative.

Moving River Church building

Lisa McGahee also has plans to offer a community theater program once the basement of the new church is renovated, but said the church is in need of donations and volunteers to complete that project.

Pastor McGahee emphasizes the aims of the church as uniting the community, offering hope, and providing spiritual intercession. “Whether you believe in prayer or you don’t, all are welcome at Moving River Ministries. We as a community seem to have lost a sense of community, and the programs we offer are geared at restoring the sense of community to our friends and neighbors with the hopes of leaving the community better than it was before we arrived,” he said.

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