Old Forge teachers strike . . . the solution?? What changes are needed?

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The thinking behind never-ending school strikes is to get the majority of the taxpayers to take a wage cut and give a raise to the union members. But the problem is not the teachers or the unions. Their actions prove what most would do if given the same chance? It is the same reason why our nation is a mess. We are dying from lack of ethics from the president on down as do most countries. If we’re on the getting end it’s fine, but not if we’re on the paying end.

The same mentality has created a memorization-based educational system which destroys creativity and imagination, but makes people easy to control. Einstein knew that which is why he refused to memorize anything and did the opposite of what he was taught in school, otherwise he could have never come up with new ideas, nor could any inventor.

A three-year-old baby can figure out how to work a computer alone, but he never could have if an adult taught him. I only wonder where the rest of us would be if never got involved with our mind-numbing memorization schooling. I’m sure we wouldn’t be ripping each other off. If those who invented Google followed conventional schooling, Google never would have been invented.

On the other hand, if Einstein designed our schooling, our genius would skyrocket and our society would prosper in every way and we’d all be ethical.

Bottom line in all we say or do, we must insure that humanity always wins, so then we’d all win, so it is no longer in us to be unethical. If we’re smart all elections would be banned and all offices filled by lottery. We’d know it’s crazy to give anyone power as most of us, if any, can be trusted with it.  It’s just too corruptive.

Bob Butts, Elmhurst Township

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