Review of “Naked” by Hank & Cupcakes

If you hadn’t heard of Hank & Cupcakes, no worries.  Neither did I.  Not until I saw them at The Bog, Scranton, this past month, and what a show it was!  A husband and wife duo, Hank & Cupcakes is packed full of energy, joining the best indie bands out today.  While The White Stripes had throwback riffs and hard-hit cadence, Hank & Cupcakes lay down solid bass lines atop dance-punch drumming and commanding female vocals.  Mix in a bit of high-energy electronica and you not only have the best show in town, but undoubtedly one of the best indie bands of 2013.  And they’re just getting started.

NakedCoverOriginally from Israel, the duo emigrated to Brooklyn about five years ago.  In addition to playing the New York scene and bouts of touring, they spent much time refining their sound and developing their debut album, “Naked”, even signing with BMG Records.  Unfortunately, BMG sat on the album for a year, even ceasing the release while requesting a rewrite.  Unsatisfied and frustrated with BMG, the band legally terminated their contract and released the album independently.

So, after listening to “Naked” for a week you may be asking what I like about it.  To be honest, all of it, but for good measure jack the volume for “Liquid Mercury,” “Hit,” and “Sweet Potion.”  And if “Naked” isn’t enough, be sure to check out their “Naked B Side” EP.  Both can be found on iTunes and Amazon.  You can learn more at


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