Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering affirmed from personal experience

photos by David Masem

Between the years of 2000 and 2003 I was employed by a private government contractor called Brookhaven National Laboratories in Upton, New York. While there I learned of a Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider or RHIC buried in the Earth, forming a one-mile-in-diameter circular ring containing collision detection points. At these collision detection points sampling of positively and negatively charged ions is performed every quarter of a mile. During the time I worked at BNL as a Unix systems administrator my job was to work on one of the collision detection points referred to as “Aerosol.”

Experiments were carried out at that ring point to determine the effects of aerosol injected into the stratosphere. My job consisted of working with the physicists and configuring real time Unix servers as well as setting up the initial websites to publish the findings of these experiments. It was at this time, after speaking with the physicists, that I learned exactly what was going on. Offline, these physicists would speak of the military’s interest in taking over these projects for their own private agenda, one I was not privileged to, as I did not have the necessary clearance. Although the pay was excellent, I eventually chose not to participate as I became more and more outraged with the knowledge that the eventual goal of this spraying of aerosols into our stratosphere, or SAG (Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering), was just a cover-up for a far greater and more sinister agenda: depopulation. I was made aware of this ultimate aim by speaking with physicists who converged on Upton from around the world. My decision to leave BNL caused me a divorce and blacklisting in the information technology field. Jobs were scarce for me, but I stood by my decision, not wanting any part of what was happening, regardless of the pay and benefits. Since then, these are the supporting facts of what I’ve learned doing my own research.

Issues of concern:
— Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (SAG)
— Global Dimming
— Solar Radiation Management Government Initiative (SRM)

— 20% of the Sun’s rays no longer reach our planet.
— Solar Obscuration is the primary goal of SAG.
— Reduction of global warming by injecting particulate matter into the atmosphere as stated by geoengineers.


Existence of a US patent for Stratospheric Welsbach Seeding for reduction of global warming—stated goal is to block the sun. First ingredient in the patent is aluminum. Rain tests have risen from 7 parts per billion (ppb) of aluminum filtered forest location testing, which, according to hydrogeologists, is quite high. Subsequent tests over the next five years have risen to 3,450 parts per billion in a single rainfall in the same testing areas. Similar assessments conducted by the California Air Quality Resource Board have confirmed these results (June 29, 2001).

Sub-micron fallout is dangerous for human respiration with regards to highly reactive metal used, ie, aluminum, which is toxifing soil and water. The Entropy 2012 document reveals empirical data confirming Autism symptoms related to aluminum and acetaminophen exposure. Climate policy is under uncertainty as published in December 2009 with regards to the ecosystem of this planet. Solar Radiation Management introduces damages by means of an increase in the risks of destruction of stratospheric ozone due to SRM implementation. Moreover, sulfuric acid deposition can create health and regional problems. Also, recent numerical simulations show that SRM will affect precipitation patterns and volumes, causing droughts throughout large regions of the planet.

Illness patterns coincide with heavy spray days in 1998, 1999, and 2000 during the winter months, specifically. In Peterborough, Ontario, 307 acute asthma cases were reported in one day of heavy spraying. In Birmingham, England, 8,000 people died during three weeks of heavy spraying.

Geoengineers are purposing to dump 10–20 million tons of toxic aluminum and other unknown substances into the sky ostensibly for the purpose of cooling our planet.

The World Meteorological Organization says that climate change is human-caused and has impacts on us now and those impacts will become more and more significant over time.

Persistent contrails have an additive that causes contrails to be persistent, which is the problem. What is that additive? A patent suggests that “the particle seeding should be done at an altitude of 10 kilometers. The particles may be seeded by dispersal from seeding aircraft; one exemplary technique may be via jet fuel. . .  Once the tiny particles have been dispersed into the atmosphere, the particles may remain in suspension for up to one year.”

Further evidence:

  1. The substances found in soil tests are exactly what are stated in the patents.

  2. John Holdren (Obama Science Advisor) has openly voiced his support for geoengineering.

  3. The Arctic Methane Emergency Group is openly calling for emergency wartime geoengineering.


  1. Okay, let me get this straight… You were working at a particle accelerator as a scientist?…Oh no wait, you were there as a website designer. You sure heard some spooky sounding words up there at that mad laboratory. I actually looked into the aerosol experiments you so thoroughly described, not that I don’t buy your story, I just have this crazy habit of figuring out things for myself using that dreadful notion of logic and critical thinking. So here goes… Many people ask why their tax dollars should fund these accelerators because they think the research strictly deals with theoretical quantum type problems that have little practical application. Aerosol research at these facilities is the practical science most people don’t know about because it’s just not sexy. Compared to the study of black holes and the big bang, the study of the earth’s albedo due to cosmic ray induced nucleation just seems like a yawn fest. The particular research you were “invovled” in was most likely the study of what reactions take place in the high atmosphere due to cosmic rays and other forms of radiation. They study how different possible concentrations of say ozone or sulfur dioxide react in high altitude conditions. This is extremely helpful in providing climate model information. There’s also lots of useful research on pollution that is done at these facilities also. Now as for aluminum? Aluminum is the most common metal on the Earth’s surface. It is literally everywhere. As for Aluminum levels in the water? The famous study that you people hold up, like moses with the commandments on Sinai, proving that the levels of the water were rising does seem quite compelling. Only problem is they never measured aluminum levels in any water supply. The test sample was sludge. Dirty water, and aluminum just so happens to occur naturally in a high percentage in the composition of… DIRT! They analyzed dirt and determined it was, indeed, dirt

  2. David, Thanks for addressing this most dire issue. I am the Director/Producer of the award winning film, “WHY in the World are They Spraying?” and “WHAT in the World are They Spraying?” and would like to discuss your work in more detail. Please send me an e-mail if interested in talking at

  3. mdimirco I think we have something in common. Like you, I did not buy the chemtrail/geoengineering story at all when it was first introduced to me. As a matter of fact, when first introduced, I thought the person who told me about it was a bit crazy. Probably was for other reasons. LOL  I did, however, look into it further and after attending a geoengineering conference and interviewing several scientists, had the opportunity to put together a couple of documentaries which have gotten a favorable response from people around the world, including people from the scientific community.  If interested, you can view a version o our latest award winning film at the following link: This is our second film.  Also , it is rare that I have time to address specific responses from people but wanted to respond to your comment about aluminum. You are correct, aluminum is one of the most abundant elements on the Earth and is very common and high in soil. Unfortunately, in its free for as aluminum oxide, it is very toxic to human health and eco-systems. We have rain tests from around the world which are a very good indicator of atmospheric contamination. Based on my discussion with many scientists from around the world we should have al in mud, soil and some water but very little if any should be in our rain. We have found as high as 61,000 parts per billion in rain tests. The results can be found at www, Also, the rain has also found thousand of times the onormal amounts containing very high amounts of barium and strontium.  All of these are primary elements named in geoengineering models, they are also named in several geoengineering patents which have been designed to spray these metals out of airplanes and from other sources. There is a lot more info about this and other aspects of geoengineering, including geoengineers discussing their models but the films would be a good source to start if interested.  I realize it sounds a bit out there, however, I think after viewing the film and researching geoengineering, you will have a different prospective as many of us at the forefront of this issue were very skeptical before our research.  I hope this is informative and will be enlightening. Also, thanks for your skepticism, I think it is healthy to question everything but also healthy and  productive to also investigate. Thanks again, I hope this provides you more info.

  4. Michaetmp mdimirco I need to stress to you the fact that I have researched on this subject very extensively indeed. Honestly, more so than this subject rightfully deserves. What frustrates me the most about subjects like this and people like you is the amount of misdirected energy and activism put into such a fatuous cause. You see there are actual real sinister and diabolical conspiracy type things actually happening here in realityland. There are actual sinister government plots concocted by actual bad people whose job it is to figure out how to take our liberties away. One needs to look no further than the Edward Snowden debacle taking place, and the outing of the domestic spying programs. the fact that the president awarded himself the right to assassinate U.S. citizens at home and abroad! My god man, forget about airplane exhaust fumes for a moment and try to compose your priorities! If more people like you could re-direct your energies and activism and word spreading toward these real injustices who knows what we could accomplish. There would certainly be a greater benefit to society than telling people to look at clouds. I’m afraid I do have to address some points you mentioned in your comment. As for your claim about aluminum-oxide… All aluminum has a micro-layer of aluminum oxide on it’s surface. This occurs naturally as a process called passivation, wherein the outermost layer of the metal naturally reacts with the oxygen in the air. If aluminum oxide were indeed harmful we would all be in big trouble seeing as how we are completely surrounded by it in our day to day lives. Now I will admit that I did put some time into investigating your claims about rain water and barium contamination. I looked into your side’s strongest claims of evidence which are somewhat compelling at best, and completely vacuous upon just a little bit of investigation.
      Anyone can pay to have water tested, and rainwater testing will usually yield some barium, and then this is trumpeted as evidence your theory is correct. Unfortunately that is wrong and I’ll explain why in a moment. First some basic science… Barium is a metal, like calcium. Like aluminum you wont find it in its pure metal form as it oxidizes rapidly in the air. Instead you’ll find compounds like barium sulfate or carbonate. Barium is also a very common component of soil in these forms and most testing finds barium levels in rainwater consistent to municipal tap water. Now the most commonly referred to case i found involved the collection of rainwater by a man named Bill Nichols in the vicinity of a chemtrail “hotzone” in rural Arkansas. He put out 2 clean bowls far from any busy roads to catch the rainwater. He left the bowls sit out for the month of August and then had the collected water tested. Now pause a moment and consider, if you left bowls out in rural Arkansas over the month of August, what you’d expect to find. Some dirty water? The deathblow to this story comes when it was realized that the news reporter from KSLA reporting the story got the measurements wrong or Mr. Nichols purposefully reported wrong results. The actual lab test measured 68.8 parts per Billion (Carl Sagan Billion, with a B), and the reported levels of 6.8 parts per Million. The EPA limits are 2ppm and the findings were actually 0.688ppm. The reporter, Jeff Ferral apologized for the mistake after it was too late and the story was out online.
      There is also notable case I found from a Arizona Skywatch group that laudably attempted to verify their barium hypotheses with scientific experiment. Problem is they got the science part terribly and inexcusably wrong. Their results showed barium levels at 556,000 ppm, vs. a toxic limit of 2000ppm! 600 times toxicity limits that were created by OSHA for workers in actual barium plants! Clearly something is wrong or people in Phoenix should be dropping over dead. Turns out they didn’t actually measure the barium in the air, they measured the concentration in the airborne particulates themselves. They neglected to multiply the result by the weight of the particulate sample and divide the weight of the air sample it was extracted from! They just turned on some vacume cleaners with clean HEPA filters and left them run for an undisclosed amount of time before the filters accumulated about a gram of material. Hardly middle school level concepts of the scientific method in my opinion

  5. Michaetmp  Yes David and you are the best truthers. To bad we have people that can’t see outside the box, or take the blinders off.

  6. mdimirco Michaetmp We are in trouble. I took some dirt off my car with my finger and was standing in the sun. Wow you could see tiny little sparkles in it. I showed it to several of my neighbors. Proof they are spraying us with depopulate and get us sick.

  7. You have no valid evidence for your claims and you aren’t able to articulate any rational argument for your position. All you do is send links to a comical documentary on YouTube as your proof for such an implausible accusations. By your logic you should look into some fascinating you tube documentaries produced by the flat earth society. It turns out they have very compelling evidence that we’ve been lied to by sinister government propaganda and the earth isn’t really round… Take your blinders off and break away from the sheeple

  8. mdimirco DoreneSchutz Michaetmp – Mr. Dimirco – if you’re so smart how come the planes are dropping stuff on us like Miss Shuts is saying? Duh. Thank Obama for that.

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  10. DoreneSchutz mdimirco Michaetmp  I observed this in Colorado in 2011 on my windshield quite frequently.

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