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I’ll first start off by stating that I’d agree that most, or a lot, of Americans are unaware of the term “cannabis.” This is true by most estimations. Also, yes, the plant is used in a number of varieties on a worldwide basis, because of the fact that it’s not an exotic, rare plant. The word “marijuana” was coined as a less exotic name to show its accessibility, not particularly to tie its usage, or uniqueness to either the Black, Latino, or Native American communities. It was one of many slang terms like tea, Mary Jane, etc., and not intended to tie it to the already racism-minded public at the time. Nevertheless, marijuana, or hemp, was, and for the most part still is, tied in usage to a ton of musicians, actors, and other beloved icons ‘til this day!

In reference to the substantial rewards that were then, or are now, given to special interest groups: this just isn’t true, on any level!! It’s this type of bizarre paranoid delusional thinking that sadly permeates most “pot” smokers’ mindsets, or lack of logic. They’re under the misguided belief that use of an illegal substance somehow violates their civil rights? Of course the government, or at least still a majority of federal, state, and local law enforcement personnel continue to arrest or fine persons in possession of cannabis, mainly on the grounds that in this free country we must still abide by its laws. Duh, that’s a blatantly obvious point, I would think. But, alas, the trail of lies still is propagated by those in favor of “legal marijuana,” claiming that it would be a favorable trade in recreational, medical, or business revenues, ending the reign of cartels and organized crime, as well as lessening the prison inmate population, all of which wouldn’t completely happen, for obvious financial reasons to be fought over, and territory!

The real truth concerning “cannabis,” “hemp,” and “marijuana” is that its benefits should be more than ever tightly controlled in any cases of medical use; and monitored stringently by the federal and state levels of both the American Medical Association and Law Enforcement. Not to neglect to mention the so-called “political monsters” that may pander to special interest groups. Its detrimental effects on persons using it cannot be negated. The THC found in most cannabis can be manipulated. I also found its effects on individuals who smoke it cause a variety of mental health issues. Not to neglect to mention that it’s a gateway drug, meaning it leads to most dangerous substances.

Lastly, it has caused many a death related, sadly, to its use in the form of DUIs. Think it over more clearly and soberly—I have!!

Nicholas Toeroek, Avoca

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