Pittston City Council meeting on 09/11/2013

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I am writing an account of the events that occurred at the September 11 Pittston City Council meeting. Let me just say this: it wasn’t pretty. City council members were rude, arrogant and downright mean to those in attendance, with the exception of one: Councilman Dan Argo. Councilman Argo stood up against the other members regarding 4th Amendment rights and he was berated and screamed at by two other members of council to the point that he temporarily walked out. Another man was escorted out by police for agreeing with Councilman Argo.

As for myself, after being told by the solicitor that I should consult with an attorney regarding the Constitutionality of the ordinance, I informed him I had an attorney in attendance. At that, the ex-mayor said that I had better get three more “because we have a lot of attorneys.” I responded by reading the 4th Amendment, which doesn’t require a law degree to understand. And when legitimate questions were asked of council by many others in attendance, they had no answers, but merely responded with more yelling, berating, and demeaning remarks to try to distract us from the topic at hand.

In the end, I responded by telling them that I will seek to bring a class action suit against not only this ordinance, but also those passed in Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, East Stroudsburg, and any other city, borough, or village that felt the need to pass one. If you are interested in signing onto a group dealing with this issue, please go to Lackawanna, Luzerne, and Monroe County Homeowner/Landlord and Tenant association on facebook. Please do not sign any legal document concerning these invasive ordinances before consulting with an attorney and our facebook page.

Laureen Cummings, Old Forge

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