Intermodal cameras are not Hawkeye!

At the August 28 Hawkeye board meeting Board President Frank Majikes made it known that the long-awaited Intermodal camera system comprised of about 60 cameras were not part of the Hawkeye system. The comments were made on the heels of an article published by the Gazette in August titled, “Intermodal car stolen, new Hawkeye cameras of no assistance.”

Majikes stated, “Those cameras are city-owned, and not part of the Hawkeye system.” Gregory Barrouk, Vice President of Hawkeye Security Solutions, and Wilkes-Barre City’s Assistant City Administrator, affirmed the claims made by Majikes and added, “This was stated in a previous meeting.” However, those claims are completely contrary to news articles previously published by all three city newspapers, and all appearing during the purchase, planning, and installation phases of the camera project at the Intermodal center. Several city public servants and Hawkeye representatives stated that the Intermodal cameras were and are integrated into the Hawkeye system.

Citizens’ Voice, Published June 29, 2012, “W-B officials clash over security cameras”

“City Administrator Marie McCormick explained Schneider Electric was hired to install DVTel cameras in 2008 as part of the Hawkeye Security System. These intermodal cameras would remain city property, but would become part of the existing Hawkeye system.”

Times Leader, Published February 27, 2013, “Hawkeye cameras to monitor Intermodal”

“Greg Barrouk, a city employee and board member, said the final design has yet to be completed.”

Wilkes-Barre Independent Gazette, Published May 6, 2013, “Hawkeye or Blindeye?”

“According to Gregory Barrouk, Vice President of Hawkeye Security Solutions, and Wilkes-Barre City’s Assistant City Administrator, the Hawkeye System is comprised of a network of just over 250 cameras citywide, which tally will soon be increased to over 300 once the installation of the Intermodal cameras is completed.”

Regarding the mass confusion by all three city newspapers, Barrouk explained, “It’s a source-of-funds issue, the Intermodal cameras were paid for with an FTA [Federal Transportation Authority] grant, and part of the requirements for receiving such a grant is that ownership must remain with the city.” When asked why this issue wasn’t made clear earlier when over the course of the past few years all three newspapers continued to report on the Intermodal cameras as Hawkeye cameras Barrouk referred to his comment at a previous Hawkeye board meeting, at which time he responded to reporters’ questions regarding the status of the Intermodal camera project by saying, “It’s not really a Hawkeye-related question, but I’ll answer it.”

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