Being on ballot is not the same as being a candidate—according to solicitor Pedri

Luzerne County Chief Solicitor David Pedri told the Independent Gazette that having one’s name on the ballot is not at all the same as being a candidate for office, in reference to the appointment of Bear Creek Village Mayor Walter Mitchell by Luzerne County Council to replace former county controller Walter Griffith, who resigned as controller, last month.

Following the vote for appointment at the August 29 county council meeting, Councilman Edward Brominski questioned the legality of the appointment, citing a section of the Luzerne County Home Rule Charter:

Section 3.04(A). No District Attorney or Controller shall file a petition for nomination or election or become a candidate for any elective public office other than the one he/she holes at the time unless he/she first resigns from office.

Responding to Brominski’s concerns, Pedri asserted, “It doesn’t say run for office, Sir.” “The charter clearly states this is the law. It says, shall file a petition or become a candidate, I see no violation of the charter,” said Pedri.

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