Intermodal car stolen, new Hawkeye cameras of no assistance

The long awaited $650,000 Hawkeye surveillance system installation at the James F Conahan Intermodal Transportation Facility has been completed, adding no fewer than 62 cam- eras to the existing citywide system, bringing the total number of cam- eras to just over 300. Unfortunately, at approximately 2:52 am Saturday, July 20, a vehicle was stolen from the intermodal center. Fortunately, city police located it soon after near the Turkey Hill Minit Market on North Washington Street.

While listening to the emergency call over the police scanner, one could discern the frustration in the officer’s voice, as the police attempted to use every available resource to search for clues.

Male Police Officer: “Hawkeye, check the garage.”
Female Responder: “The camera was pointed at the ground.”
Male Police Officer: “What about the camera leaving the garage?”
Female Responder: “It’s complicated, call me.”

There was no further exchange concerning the intermodal cameras.

Messages left for Greg Barrouk, vice president of Hawkeye Security Solutions, and Liza Prokop, Wilkes-Barre spokeswoman, were not returned.

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