Two-time DUI Department of Public Works employee transporting minors?

Wilkes-Barre City DPW (Department of Public Works) employee Matthew Scott, 31, of Wilkes-Barre currently has an ignition interlock PennDOT requirement for his personal vehicle, but was reportedly seen driving a city-owned DPW truck as pictured, parked in front of his Laurel Street home. In addition the Independent Gazette has learned that Scott has, over the past several years, been seen transporting minors who also work for the city as part of the summer jobs program to and from city parks, without the knowledge or consent of the parents of those minors.

The Gazette spoke with several employees of the summer jobs program who asked not to be identified, fearing retaliation, who said they know Scott as “Snake” (a nickname that Scott is apparently known by in and around the DPW), and that they have indeed been picked up by “Snake” and taken from one assignment to another.

First DUI July 7, 2009
Trooper Molecavage of the Pennsylvania State Police, Shickshinny, cited Scott for Turning Movements and Required Signals, Failure to Stop at Red Signal, Exceeding 55 MPH In Other Loc By 15 MPH, and DUI: High Rate of Alcohol (BAC 0.10–0.16) 1st Offense

Second DUI September 12, 2010
Trooper Buzink of the Pennsylvania State Police, Wyoming, cited Scott for Turning Movements And Required Signals, Careless Driving, Reckless Driving, and DUI: Highest Rate of Alcohol (BAC 0.16+) 2nd Offense

Scott pled guilty in 2011 to his second DUI, at which time he was sentenced to house arrest and is currently required by the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles to utilize the Ignition Interlock System commonly known as a breathalyzer.

According to Jan T McKnight, Community Relations Coordinator at PennDOT, an individual who holds an ignition interlock license and is required to drive an employer-owned vehicle for employment purposes may have their employer complete a DL-3805 form (Ignition Interlock Employment Exemption Affidavit). The Employment Exemption Affidavit allows the individual to operate an employer-owned vehicle not equipped with an ignition interlock system for employment purposes.

The Employment Exemption Affidavit cannot be used to drive a school bus, school vehicle, or a vehicle designed to transport more than 15 passengers; an employer-owned motor vehicle owned by an entity which is wholly or partially owned by the person holding the ignition interlock license, or an employer-owned  vehicle which is made available to the employee for personal use. The Employment Exemption Affidavit must be completed in its entirety and must be in the driver’s possession while operating an employer-owned vehicle not equipped with ignition interlock. Failure to possess the affidavit will result in the individual being cited for driving without an ignition interlock.

The Gazette contacted city spokesperson Liza Prokop attempting to confirm whether or not the DL-3805 was completed by the city for Scott, only to be told, “The City of Wilkes-Barre does not disclose personnel matters or information.”


  1. People should get their facts straight before posting stories about others. Not every story printed in news papers especially a paper that no one reads is true. Its sad that people have nothing better to write about like the drug dealers and murders in the city. Everyone has a skeleton in there closet. Or made a mistake or two in their lives that they are not proud of. But seriously…. some people need to get a hobby, and worry about ones own self. This is a garbage story find something better to write about! Thus is why our city has turned to shit!

  2. get_a_LIFE So as you sit and attack a newspaper that you and I both apparently read, but ya I’ll admit I’m a nobody, you say things like they should get a hobby, but isn’t it their job to report what they learn? Also if my kid was in the car with this drunk, I would be pissed as heck. Get a clue get_a_LIFE.              KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK GAZETTE!!!!

  3. get_a_LIFE Perhaps Snake should file harassment charges for digging into his personal driving record, and sicking the paper on him, Oooh and let us not forget those kids that would take an interview at a park from the paper, Hurry call a the WBPD.

  4. And maybe the city should not let people with restricted driving limits drive around peoples UNDERAGE children!

  5. No but seriously, it has to be a giant insurance liability to have someone like that driving kids around. If I’m  not mistaken perhaps the investigative reporter should look back a little further and notice that last year the same guy was driving around with NO license.

  6. wbgod get_a_LIFE Everything is public record now.  Easy to find info on just about anybody so no real digging required.

  7. And that’s the point, it is public information, as are the city employees. No right to privacy when your paycheck comes from tax money, yet all these cry baby’s that do the wrong thing, and then cry about the people who call them out for it, “get a life” is the Bob Mellow answer when you have no defense. So how about putting the bottle down. Lets face it, the paper did its job, reported the truth, and snake should just slither back under his little rock.

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