Chemtrails/GMO Protest Draws Crowd

An enthusiastic group of about a dozen concerned citizens gathered in front of the WBRE-TV and, later, WNEP-TV stations in downtown Wilkes-Barre on the afternoon of Saturday, June 29th. The local residents were protesting what are known as GMO foods, composed of genetically modified ingredients. The group was also attempting to bring greater awareness to a phenomenon it termed “chemtrails,” the direct deposition in the sky of materials by jet aircraft. One of the placards identified barium and aluminum as components of the high-altitude spraying, while another encouraged fellow citizens to simply “look up” more often to view the streaks frequently appearing above the valley, dismissed by some as water vapor contrails.

Organizer and frequent Gazette contributor Dorene Schutz said, “We’ve gotta wake people up to what’s going on.” The event was aimed at increasing public awareness, calling on congress to force food manufacturers to properly label foods that contain GMO, and also to prevent further marring of the skies by means of direct aerosol manipulation.

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