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O Thy Nation of Samson,
From the days of your birth in the wilderness I loved you.
From your birth I have blessed you because of your fathers’ bended knee.
Wake up, mighty nation of Samson, for Lady Delilah has cast a spell on thee.
The Philistines of the New World Order have paid her will to deceive you.
Her honey lips dripping with poison, she entertains you, saying that you are no longer a Christian nation,
But an Obama Nation. Delilah throws great parties, and at these parties she serves wine in a golden cup.
The wine of fornication is made with blood for her unborn children and the Saints.
O Thy Nation of Samson, remember me, for I have saved you from many wars and the Great Depression that falls on thee.
If you continue in the way of Delilah you become the Great Whore, and the storms of life will increase ten-fold.
Then Philistines will meet you, saying, Wow, mighty Nation of Samson, see how you’ve fallen, once a great nation, but never more.
Before this happens I will take what is mine away form you, so Delilah does not cut them. For if you are not a Christian Nation you will not need God’s Blessing anymore.

Yes, I who am a common man, a nobody, remembers the time when President George W. Bush, on October 26, 2001, signed the PATRIOT Act and took the Constitution away form the common people, replacing it with a false sense of security. He laid the foundation of tyranny. Our current President Obama uses the PATRIOT Act to spy on the common—but proud—American people. I give you three reasons why I believe this: Fort Hood, Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, and the Boston Marathon bombings. Let me ask the you, the American people, why didn’t the president and government stop these acts of evil? If they listen to our Verizon phone conversations and read our emails, I am sure evildoers had emails and phones. The PATRIOT Act has blinded us like the Philistines did to Mighty Samson. We have given up our freedoms for a false security. Hopefully, we wake up and ask God to return his strength, or we will become the great whore—the NWO.

William Giberson, Larksville

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