Ask Betsy! April 2013

Dear Betsy,

In the town that I lived in before, every spring there would be a spring cleanup where we could put out large items for collection. Does Wilkes-Barre conduct one? I have lived here for three years and haven’t heard anything about such a seasonal cleanup.

Buried in Trash

Dear Buried,

You are not alone! When I ran for Mayor in 2011, a spring cleanup was the #1 request of the many people whom I spoke to. Years ago, Wilkes-Barre did, in fact, conduct cleanups. I have publicly asked the city council numerous times to find a way to bring it back. I received no response. In the interim, I am considering conducting my own cleanup on my block, with everyone interested chipping in for a hauler. I will again be raising the clutter cleanup issue to our city council this month, along with negligent street cleaning. A clean city is the first step to restoring the pride that our community once demonstrated.



Dear Betsy,

Do you believe that spring is right around the corner as prognosticated by Punxsutawney Phil?

Spring Fevered

Dear Ms. Fevered,

I believe that our dear Phil might be suffering from a bit of dementia and that his primary goal is to provide an excuse to throw a mid-winter party . . . not that there is anything wrong with mid-winter parties, mind you! Just in case you were thinking about it, when cooking ground hog, I recommend using a pressure cooker. They are rather tough, but taste just like rabbit (not chicken!). While waiting for spring, I find that it helps to start planning your garden and preparing your soil.

Don’t worry, spring will arrive here soon.


  • Betsy Summers
  • Betsy Summers is a long-time resident of Wilkes-Barre who holds an associate’s degree from Centenary College and advanced degrees from the School of Hard Knocks. She’s also a self-taught carpenter, electrician, gardener, and Jane of all trades. Betsy currently works in veterinary sales, has served on the subcommittee for Luzerne County ethics, and has run for a number of political offices, most recently, PA State Auditor General in 2012.If you’d like a question answered, contact Betsy at or call us at 570-266-8086.

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