Are the Kings and Queens of Wilkes-Barre at it again? Not according to Frank Majikes

Our prior coverage of Wilkes-Barre’s royalty may be found here: December article on the Kings and Queens

The following appeared on Bill Vinsko‘s facebook “timeline” Sunday, June 2nd, before being taken down later that day. A comment on the post speculating on Mayor Leighton’s departure in fourteen days might have been the cause of the whole post’s removal.

Got confirmation tonight that my friend FRANK MAJIKES is strongly considering running for MAYOR OF WILKES-BARRE after Mayor Leighton. He’s a former iron worker, principal at Bishop Hoban, former allocations director at the UNITED WAY and a long time referee….he said “details coming soon…”
—Bill Vinsko

The Gazette spoke with Frank Majikes about the statement from Assistant City Attorney Vinsko, who stated there is no truth to it. “The post is down,” said Majikes. When asked by the Gazette if he had any interest in becoming the mayor of Wilkes-Barre, Majikes replied with an emphatic, “None, whatsoever.”

Messages were left for Mayor Tom Leighton regarding the comment on the Vinsko post, asking if there is any truth to his possibly stepping down in fourteen days. They were not immediately returned.

Attempts to reach Bill Vinsko for comment Sunday afternoon were also unsuccessful.

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