Health and Wellness: Inner health and beauty

by Moriah Tabone

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In today’s society, what is beautiful to the average man or woman? Having worked in the beauty field for the past eight years, I’d like to share my outlook and offer some advice to those seeking knowledge and truth in being completely balanced in both the intrinsic and extrinsic aspects of beauty.

We live in a society and in an age in which Body Dysmorphic Disorder—defined in the DSM as “a preoccupation with an imagined or trivial defect in appearance that causes clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational or other important areas of functioning”—plays a huge role, in which individuals look to slick magazines, super models, and Hollywood stars for their role models. This dynamic has birthed a host of unfortunate outcomes that were likely not prevalent centuries ago, such as addiction to plastic surgery, addiction to exercise, the adoption of unrealistic and completely nutritionally unbalanced diets, and so on. These were my motivation to select the field of esthetics whereby I could educate and empower individuals to realize the true balance in health and wellness. Beauty lies within, involving a spirit, mind, and body connection, and a confidence and knowledge of one’s true identity in the one who God created one to be.

Young women and men who smoke or consume alcohol, or who take prescription drugs are increasing the process of intrinsic aging

Wellness may be achieved by taking care of one’s skin and body through nutritional choices, a balanced exercise routine, proper rest and sleep patterns, as well as by adequate hydration by not only drinking the right quantity of water, but consuming hydrating organic fruits and vegetables as part of a balanced diet. It’s also found by incorporating meditation and aromatherapy into one’s lifestyle, and by eliminating stress in the body. Receiving facials and massages to detoxify and purify the skin and body are vital to an individual, too. All of these choices will aid those afflicted by different health problems, such as depression, as well as those who experience a lot of stress.

Young women and men who smoke or consume alcohol, or who take prescription drugs are increasing the process of intrinsic aging. Depression, too, if prolonged will negatively affect their cell turnover, and produce an overall imbalance in their skin. These imbalances are exhibited through various mind/body conditions as well as skin ailments. When skin concerns do surface, they serve as signals that one may not be balanced, and needs to restore that balance through the appropriate products, and through nutrition, meditation, and regular wellness activities. All of these result in healthy, beautiful-looking, radiant skin.

My advice to you, the reader, is very simple. We live in a very superficial and vanity-driven society. There are so many components of this environment that seek to conceal the truth about who we are in God, instead offering false identities. So much money is spent on things that are illusory. Listen to your body and start on the inside; your outlook and health will affect your happiness, and the true beauty which lies within each and every one of us will surely manifest.

Moriah Tabone is a licensed esthetician and makeup artist, and practices at the Sapphire Salon and Spa in Moosic.

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