Believe It or Not: Valley Haunts

by TD of the Valley Shadowwalkers

Not long ago we were talking to a good friend, Betsy Summers. Well known in local political circles, Ms. Summers had told us previously about this “haunted house” she was taking care of. Betsy told us that she heard someone walking around on the floor above her when no one was home, and that a former resident moved out of a bedroom because something used to shake the bed. She had heard stories of a suicide taking place in the home. As a couple of enthusiasts who are eager to document the paranormal, help folks with their haunts and help spirits move on, well, we just had to take Betsy up on an offer to spend some time at 46 South Welles Street in Wilkes-Barre City.

A quick check of deed records told us who currently owns the home and that the structure is more than 100 years old. The section of Wilkes-Barre where the present day Wilkes-Barre Boulevard, Jewelcor Building, Boulevard Townhomes, etc. are located was once an industrial area consisting of factories, warehouses and one big, crowded railroad yard where five railroad companies met and did business. This section of the city extended from Conyngham Avenue in on the north side to Dana Street on the south. As Wilkes-Barre grew during the industrial boom following the Civil War, this particular portion of the city expanded. New streets were laid out in what would become the Heights section. Most of these postbellum streets were named after prominent Civil War figures, so proceeding up East Northampton street hill, one first encounters Lincoln Street, aptly named after President Lincoln. The next intersection is at Welles Street, named after the Secretary of the Navy, Gideon Welles, followed by Hancock Street, named after General of the Army, Winfield Hancock. The haunted house’s location clearly lies squarely within a 100+ year old segment of Wilkes-Barre.
Arriving at 46 South Welles Street one night in November of 2012, we were not disappointed. Now, I grew up in a haunted house and this place sure looked the part. If there was a creepy-looking haunted house on the block, this one was it!


46 S Welles Curb Shot

46 S Welles Curb Shot

So, finally at the site, we took a look around and called Betsy. Since she lives nearby, she just popped over and opened the building for us—our first walk-through was definitely not a letdown.

The home had been recently vacated by an elderly woman who was now deceased, and it was in the process of being cleaned out by Betsy. Upon entering the home—while still daylight—the energy was palpable. Even though empty, the house felt “occupied.” While Betsy showed my partner around the basement, I decided to have a look at the upstairs level. Ascending the stairs to the second floor, this investigator witnessed a bright flash of light like a tiny flashbulb at the top of the stairs, near the ceiling, and without the aid of any equipment.

Now, I have found that the longer I investigate the more I see with my own eyes, but this was something to behold: an extremely energetic manifestation of a spirit that had no qualms letting the living know it was there. For a moment, time stopped. Hustling down the stairs, I rushed to get a camera and positioned it to record up the stairway in hopes of catching this anomaly once again.

Coming up from the basement, Betsy and my partner were met by excited energy—mine. I reported what I had just seen, at which point Betsy decided it was time to leave. Since this was our first walk-through we hadn’t brought a pile of equipment or people, only two investigators, in fact, and four cameras, four digital voice recorders and three electromagnetic field detectors was the extent of our outfitting.

Quickly, one infrared video camera was placed at the bottom of the first floor stairs. Another camera was set up at the top. A third was trained on the living room, while the fourth became mobile with the two of us.

Now began our formal walk-through. Armed with a digital still camera, infrared video camera, digital voice recorder, and two different electromagnetic field detectors, we commenced our assessment by entering the basement. The basement was damp, complete with cobwebs, field stone walls, a dirt floor and a ceiling height of 6’. Several energetic light anomalies were seen; these have become know in popular culture as “orbs.” One was particularly energetic and kept moving, and fortunately avoiding us. As we attempted communication via our digital voice recorders we, too heard what Betsy had described as “someone” walking upstairs above us.

Having completed our communication session, we moved up to the first floor. More “orbs” were spotted, high electromagnetic fields were detected and attempts to communicate with the deceased made. While moving through the living room area, this investigator experienced physical contact, the sensation of walking through a “spider web.” This effectively constituted coming in contact with moving spirit energy and was experienced right in the middle of the living room.

As we advanced to the second floor, an insanely high electromagnetic field in the 30 milligauss range was detected halfway up the stairs. This reading extended from the second floor to the first in the middle of the air in the front hallway. Putting this in perspective, this is the sort of reading which is given off, for example, by the typical older clock radio. It seemed to come and go, changing in intensity.

Working through each individual bedroom, we had a high region of electromagnetic activity in a small front bedroom on the second floor. We were later told that the deceased homeowner moved to this small room and spent her final days there. Leaving this room, we encountered a highly energetic electromagnetic field now at the tops of the stairs. After an attempt at communication, this field was tracked to the nearby bathroom.

As my partner and I vacated the second floor we were of the shared opinion that as in many other “haunted” homes, the stairs were a nexus for activity in this one. Walking down the stairs we were met by a disembodied voice, a voice heard with the human ear. It yelled, “Hey!” This was later verified, captured on the audio of the camera situated at the bottom of the stairs along with the digital voice recorder.

After reviewing evidence from the initial walk-through, a significant amount of activity was noted. A second visit was then planned to include additional equipment as well as another investigator. This follow-up visit rivaled the first, and also documented impressive activity. The final tally of still photos is 589, and the totality of video and audio evidence? No less than 72 hours gathered from an array of devices.

Some evidence for your consideration:

These are only a few examples of the evidence collected at this location over the course of two nights of investigation. After final review of all the data, 46 South Welles Street was determined to be a legitimate haunted location with both interactive intelligent entities and residual haunting characteristics.

The former owner and her husband are still in residence and made their presence known, being captured on our digital voice recorder. There are also several other entities present, who remain yet unidentified, and who clearly inhabit the structure. These entities were heard to make intelligent responses to several posed questions via electronic voice phenomena, but did not identify themselves. Some told investigators to “Get out,” while others questioned, “Who is this guy?” or, “Who is that person?” with another entity answering, “Don’t know,” while investigators worked various areas of the residence.

An electronic voice phenomenon caught at the base of the stairs had a male shouting from the beyond, “Get some help … he needs help.”

For us, our search and journey to help those on both sides, life and death, continues and expands into ever more exciting areas and locations.

Have a haunt you would like checked out? Send us a message on our Facebook page “Valley Shadowwalkers.” We’d be happy to have a look … TD


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