Just the Facts: Hawkeye


Founded in 2008 by Mayor Tom Leighton and former City Administrator JJ Murphy as a Pennsylvania non-profit intended to enhance public safety, Hawkeye Security Solutions in conjunction with the City of Wilkes-Barre selected TAC (now Schneider Electric), a company whose security division specializes in digital video surveillance, to design, install and maintain a $2 million network of digital surveillance cameras throughout the City of Wilkes-Barre via an exclusive no bid contract.

Hawkeye has recently come under fire by many city residents because of the absence of footage relating to several serious crimes occurring in the city.

The Hawkeye Numbers:

● 150 cameras city wide
● $10,483.87 per camera acquisition cost
● $10,080.00 monthly monitoring cost


Related City Outlays:

2010Schneider Electric$ 726,000.00
2011Schneider Electric$ 173,280.45
Hawkeye$ 774,692.00
2012Schneider Electric$ 650.000.00


If you’d like to report additional surveillance camera information, please direct to frank.sorick@wbindependentgazette.com

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