Dallas Lions' Night at the Races

 Letters to the Editor

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If this isn’t government tyranny, I don’t know what is. The State Police won’t let the Dallas Lions hold an event because it would involve little raffle ticket games of chance that they say would violate an existing law. I guess it is one of those laws that is seldom enforced and meant to pertain to other activities, like what went on at Patte’s sports bar, but a bunch of lunkheaded state police officers thought they’d enforce it against a little raffle event just to be jerks.

How is it possible that casinos are legal, which dispose so many people to become gambling addicts, to gamble away their life savings, and some even to commit suicide? And yet these harmless games of chance are “unlawful.” Now, Lisa Baker and Karen Boback are going to play the heroines and save us from the government tyranny that they allowed to happen in the first place.

Joe George, Kingston Boro

Editor’s Note: Joe George is not in any way affiliated with the Dallas Lions organization.

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