Love Creates the Magic in Homeschooling

 Letters to the Editor

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The book, “Chicken Soup for the Soul” included an account of how one teacher changed the lives of almost every student she taught in a community environment that was so bad that few students were given much of a chance at life. But most of her students had a tremendous achievement record. Her simple secret: she loved children. No wonder homeschooling is superior. Few teachers could ever love students to the degree a loving parent could.

I just read an article from a Mormon book offering instructions for teaching. The #1 Rule was to love those you teach. When you love those you teach they become more enthusiastic about learning. It lets students know you genuinely care about them. Be sensitive to those with special needs. Create an environment so everyone feels comfortable asking questions. God’s spirit will be present where love and unity exist.

Growing up in such an environment would create a lot more honest leaders, result a lot less corruption and a happier society. Unfortunately, schooling, like government, health care and business, is more about money than the welfare of each other. But the degree we value people more than money is the degree to which our nation will be free from chaos and high profit problems.

Connie & Bob Butts

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