Attention Guardians of Companion Dogs and Cats

 Letters to the Editor

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Pennsylvania law requires that all dogs be licensed every year, currently vaccinated against rabies and never be allowed to run free in our neighborhoods. If a dog is found wandering or lacking a current license or rabies vaccination tags they can be transported by animal enforcement officers to the local SPCA. Remember that guardians of dogs (and cats) can even be arrested on animal abuse charges in some cases for failing to provide adequate care such as nourishment, vetrinarian care and safe shelter. Guardians of pets can also be sued in a court of law should a dog bite or injure a person.

Dog licenses may be purchased at the Luzerne County Treasurer’s Office, 200 North River Street, Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00am and 4:30pm as well as from our local SPCA, located at East Main Street, Plains Township, telephone number 825- 4111. The Treasurer’s Office may be reached by phone at 825-1780. The license cost varies for altered male/female dogs with discounts for seniors and the disabled.

As a reminder, responsible pet guardianship includes an annual visit to a vetrinarian as well as spaying or neutering. Over population of pets and unwanted litters can be greatly reduced by simply having our companion animals altered.

Thank you.

Linda J. Urban, Wilkes-Barre

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