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My job with Midwest Veterinary Supply has given me the opportunity to work with many of the nonprofit organizations helping animals not only in Northeastern Pennsylvania, but also in New Mexico and Arizona at the Zuni and Hopi Reservations. Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to the Zuni Reservation in New Mexico with the Eastern Pennsylvania Animal Alliance, a nonprofit spay/neuter organization based in Brodheadsville. We conducted a three-day clinic, during which we vaccinated over 330 reservation dogs and cats, and tested for tick-borne diseases.

neighborshelpingneighbors5The veterinary clinics here in Northeastern Pennsylvania help me in my mission with their generous donations of medical supplies. Life on the reservation is hard, and employment is scarce. The closest town to Zuni is Gallop, which is an hour away. The Zuni are Pueblo Indians and have maintained their own religion and language, but just like us, they love their animals. They are a patient people and waited in line for hours to have their animals seen. And there is a an additional problem that the dogs of Zuni are facing: because of the large number of dogs running loose around Zuni, any dog that is not wearing a collar is being rounded up and euthanized. So, the next project I am undertaking is the collection of dog collars, and you can help in this effort. Simply stop by the office of the Independent Gazette where you’ll find a bin for donations of used or new collars.

Save a dog’s Life, Donate a collar!

  • Betsy Summers
  • Betsy Summers is a long-time resident of Wilkes-Barre who holds an associate’s degree from Centenary College and advanced degrees from the School of Hard Knocks. She’s also a self-taught carpenter, electrician, gardener, and Jane of all trades. Betsy currently works in veterinary sales, has served on the subcommittee for Luzerne County ethics, and has run for a number of political offices, most recently, PA State Auditor General in 2012.If you’d like a question answered, contact Betsy at or call us at 570-266-8086.

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