A few comments for the City of Wilkes-Barre’s elected and highly paid insiders

 Letters to the Editor

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How much is enough? How much money do you need in order to be happy?

You have brought our city to it’s knees and bankrupted us.

You have stolen from us. Your neighbors for the most part despise you after finding out just what you have been taking from us.

The practice of rewarding certain pals with excessively high paid jobs for votes in order to maintain your lifestyles is passe’. We know your game.

We live within our means and always have. We punched a clock or logged our hours and didn’t expect a fellow employee to cover for our absence from our job.

We won’t pay for your rediculously excessive salaries and benefits, campaign donations to local pals, new homes, vehicles, gas, cell phones, vacations, pricey clothing and shoes, private school educations, or your family lifestyles with our money any longer.

You aren’t special anymore. You are rather a disgraceful cornered den of jackels.

Your wealth and social prestige is all because of us so remember that when you walk or drive through our dying neighborhoods or bask in the sun aboard a cruise liner or on southern Florida beach. Its all because of the past Wilkes-Barre naive or foolish baited voters.

I suggest that those of you that have been milking us for decades go and try to find a non taxpayer funded job that even remotely compares to what the city salaries are. Even from years ago!

If it weren’t for the city taxpayers in most cases many of you would be either moved on or living in a normal day to day survival mode.

Greed has destroyed our city.

So again, how much is enough?

Reduce your salaries or clean out your desk. We cannot afford your lifestyles.

Linda Urban, Wilkes-Barre

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