Wilkes-Barre Parking Authority Meeting November 20th, 2012

Amid rumors that Mayor Leighton was looking to dissolve the W-B parking authority, today’s meeting of the authority, was jammed with press and concerned citizens. Upon opening Paul Mayer immediately called for an executive session and asked that the room be cleared.

Chris Hong of the Citizens Voice asked what was to be discussed in executive session and Mr. Mayer replied “discuss options.” Bill
O’Boyle of the Times Leader queried, “can you be a little more specific.” The most important question though came from Betsy Summers, “does your actions comply with the Sunshine Act and the Pennsylvania Constitution.”

Murray Ufberg council for the authority made no comment and was unaware there was to be an executive session. Mayor Leighton jumped in, “lets just keep it open.”

No mention to dissolve the authority came up, and the meeting went forward with normal business matters. The meeting ended with the mayor getting in the mud accusing Frank Sorick of having “no integrity” with Mr. Sorick responding “at least I am not stealing gas at the DPW”

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