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I witnessed something very disturbing the other day. I would sincerely hope that you find it as disturbing as I did.

I saw a woman who was sitting at a red light and was screaming and slapping her child who was in the back seat of her car.

Maybe the kid was acting up, being bad, and maybe the mother was just having a bad day, but I cannot see someone hitting their child because they are acting up.

In my opinion NO child should ever be hit or verbally abused in public or at home.

I, myself, am a single mom, but I have never hit my child to the point that he was screaming or crying, and I have never raised my voice to him in public, nor have I ever verbally abused him.

I admit that while he was growing up there were times he needed to be set straight, but that would consist of me sitting him in “time out” for as many minutes as his age and explaining to him why he was there and why he could not do what he did, followed by a hug and telling him I love him.

If a parent acts like that in public how do they act towards their children at home? We all want the bullying to be stopped in the schools, but what about the bullying at home from the parents themselves that no one talks about.

Think about it, if your child is being bullied at school, the school will suspend the children that are doing the bullying right then and there, but if a parent does it they have to be investigated and most of the people who are investigated get away with it — and the bullying continues.

People need to learn that this is the time for us to stick together and allow our children to just be kids and enjoy their lives. When they grow up and have their own children the way they are raised, is the way their children will be raised; if they have a good childhood their children will have a good childhood.

How can parents not want that for their children? Me, personally? I want my son to look back and know he had a great childhood and feel comfortable coming to me with any problem or issue he has knowing that I will not flip out on him, but be there to help him with anything he needs help with or advice about.

If your child is afraid of you they will not come to you and most likely get into trouble. Why would a parent want that for their child?

Dijon P. Gargoylia, Wilkes-Barre

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