Everyone Knows Trudy!

Michelle Sabol-Jones with Trudy

Everyone knows Trudy! Recently I spoke with Trudy’s owner Ron Colarusso and he told the Independent Gazette that he adopted Trudy the Beagle, and has had her for 5 years now. While talking about her you can hear the love and compassion in his voice about her. Trudy is a very sick dog, Ron told the Independent Gazette that around Christmas last year he noticed Trudy was not acting like herself; consequently, being worried about his best friend he took her to Dr. Meg McBrien at the Northeast Vet Referral hospital in Plains back in January. Their battle began there, when he found out that Trudy has terminal cancer and has a tumor right next to her heart. When she was first seen they gave Trudy only 3 weeks to live and she has been fighting for all this time.

She has proved them all wrong, recently Ron had taken Trudy to the emergency hospital for pets and they titled Trudy a “Miracle Dog” little Trudy is going through steroid therapy and Ron says that she walks, eats and listens to commands slowly but if you were going through what Trudy is going through you would too. Ron told the Independent Gazette that Dr. Meg McBrien has been keeping sweet little Trudy alive and while talking with Ron, you can hear in his voice and the way he expressed his feelings about the care Dr. Meg McBrien gives to Trudy that the doctor is doing so much more than just helping Trudy she is also helping Ron help Trudy. Ron agreed to keep us posted on how Trudy is doing and all of us here at the Independent Gazette are looking forward to see her walking past our office windows.Trudy has made many friends along her way including local security guard Michelle Sabol-Jones who has become very close with Trudy in fact while talking with Ron he stated that “Michelle is the love of Trudy’s life.”

Michelle has been in the security field for 8 years doing everything from parking security to securing the grounds of Wilkes-Barre. When she sees Trudy she stops to feed her treats and give her the love she deserves. Trudy is like unofficial mascot of Wilkes University. I only met Trudy once and I can see why she is very sweet and I just wanted to cuddle up with her. So many times when you open a newspaper all you read about is crime and corruption and things that may make you cringe or shake your head.

Here at the Independent Gazette we all hope you enjoy this very touching story about Trudy and her fight and all of us wish Trudy and Ron good luck and very happy days in the future. Ron has agreed to keep us posted on Trudy’s story and we thank him for allowing us to get to know her. We will keep everyone posted as to Trudy’s plight.

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