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Custody for Cash: Shred ALL

An inquiry into document destruction protocols

Small Business Spotlight: Gosh Yarn It!

A store that does your grandmother proud

A trip to the beach, Part I

A local vet shares his experiences treading in the previous generation's footsteps

Paycheck protection now!

Bruce Perine's account of the early June rally at the PA Capitol


In the Founders’ footsteps: Manufacturing terror

For instance, for over a decade the United States has waged a “War on Terror,” and this war has ostensibly provided the federal government justification for warrantless wiretapping, sweeping phone surveillance programs, and the execution of American citizens without trial, not to mention the actual wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In order to justify such policies, the War on Terror has got to be pretty important. So, who is it being fought against? Terrorists, presumably. But what’s a terrorist?

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Endless possibilities

Consignment shop owner Kimi Reisinger aims to breathe new life into the former Harold Snowdon Funeral Home, located at 607 Carey Avenue in Wilkes-Barre. Reisinger and her family purchased the former funeral home and have transformed it into a plethora of treasures untold, with room after room of old and new merchandise just waiting to be discovered.

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18th annual Pocono Mountains Bluegrass Festival held in Newfoundland

The fairgrounds offer a spacious and scenic location for the festival, providing ample room for festival-goers to set up their tents and RVs and camp out for the weekend. Many retirees enjoy spending their leisure time traveling to such events all across the Northeastern US. But the fun isn’t limited to a specific age group — young people are encouraged to attend and discover the music as well.

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Be More Chill by Ned Vizzini

Only five months after Young Adult author Ned Vizzini’s tragic death, his first novel, Be More Chill, turned ten. Though best known for It’s Kind of a Funny Story, a best-selling YA novel loosely based on Vizzini’s own experience in a psychiatric hospital, Be More Chill is an underappreciated parody of modern high school life.

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Vet of the Month: Fred T. Buch

During the course of his service, Fred was stationed in Saudi Arabia. He arrived prior to the first Gulf War, helping to build a camp from which stealth bombers would restock and take off on missions. “We were the first in and then last out,” he recalled. He said that the bombers would take off in the middle of the night, their engines so powerful that the ground would rumble. Luckily, he worked night shift at the time, so they didn’t interrupt his sleep.

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Cooking with Blake: Aioli

There are two times of the year when we seek to test our culinary mettle against friends and family: the winter holiday and grilling season. While we resort to time-honored family recipes in the winter, summer favors variety and experimentation, often in the form of handheld meals that cry out for a little something extra . . . perhaps a little hidden moisture that pushes the dish into mouth-watering territory. Forget the mayo, reach for the aioli.

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Silence is Compliance: Would you recognize tyranny? Part I

Would you recognize tyranny? Honestly ask yourself that question. How would you know if you are on the right side of history? Being a citizen of the empire, you, the reader, live in a bubble and are constantly being reinforced with the notion that “we are the good guys” and that “we are bringing peace to the world,” “we” being American citizens of the United States federal government and anybody who stands behind it and the actions carried out in its name. I know that when conversation arises about foreign policy, it usually consists merely of left-vs.-right talking points. Consider that most of the “anti-war Left” were really just anti-Bush, and I wouldn’t even have a problem with that if they stuck to their principles and continued to be anti-war, but that wasn’t the case. When George W. Bush left office, it seemed the “anti-war Left” departed with him.

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How and why to “Make a Change” when you don’t want to!

Years ago, an older gentlemen who had been through much trouble in his life gave me this advice: “Think about what the issue is, and what you are going through right now. What difference will it make in 100 years, 10 years, 1 year, or even in a month? Break it down, and most of the time you will see the issue really isn’t that big of a deal.

“Does it really matter?”

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