Gag orders Judicial Reform Rally in Scranton, April 26 Young Americans for Liberty Diggin LEAKED Custody4Cash video

Gag orders

Further evidence of an out-of-control judiciary?

Judicial Reform Rally in Scranton, April 26

Protecting families in memory of Senator Nancy Schaefer

Young Americans for Liberty

Photos from YAL PA 2014 State Convention

Diggin' in the dirt

Steps to gardening at this time of year

LEAKED Custody4Cash video

Lackawanna courts want this video taken down … why?


Different views on mental illness adopted by some professionals

What is termed “madness” or “mental illness” is for some the only means for expression of their being lost and confused in a world which has caused them deep hurt and pain. Such is not disease, but behavior with metaphorical meaning. People receive mixed messages throughout life and are placed into situations where they feel damned, regardless of the options they choose. They seek to break out from a reality that only causes them distress. The development of hallucinations and delusions can be metaphors for the very real demons they have encountered in a disordered society.

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Turkey Hill robbed near two Hawkeye cameras, nothing of value video recorded

The Independent Gazette dispatched emails to both city administration spokesperson Liza Prokop, and Deputy City Administrator Greg Barrouk, also vice-president of Hawkeye, seeking more information on what may have transpired, resulting in neither one of the two cameras — located just a few feet from the store — being able to captured anything of value on the morning of the robbery. As of the time of printing, neither email had been returned.

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Silence is Compliance: The paradigm shift

That we face an uphill battle is abundantly clear. That is, if one’s stance lie on the side of individual liberty, self ownership, and property rights, and against a police state, surveillance society — in general, if one does not want others to have the final say in how he lives his own life. With the fascist government/corporate hybrid that never stops introducing new programs, rules, regulations, and laws that restrict human behavior and interaction — yet never seems to offer more liberty or freedom — it should be obvious that the logical and natural conclusion to this pattern is complete totalitarianism. Examples can be seen in federal legislation such as the USA PATRIOT Act and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), in states with laws like New York’s “Safe Act,” which makes it nearly impossible to have any type of gun, even in your own house, and in the “new standard” in government-run education termed Common Core. Curiously, it seems that the Common Core Standards are supported by nobody, except for the individuals who have vested interests in the federal initiative, of course.

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Letter to the Editor: Know your rights

From 1850 to 1950 the government slowly, over time, stopped teaching civil personal rights in the classroom, dumbing down our children and the populace. When you don’t know your rights, you lose them. Here are two civil rights every person should know. All police officers must read to you a Miranda Warning to comply with a preventive criminal procedure rule that law enforcement is required to administer to protect an individual who is in custody (definition of custody: “The care and keeping of anything; as when an article is said to be in the custody of the court. Or under lawful control,” Black’s Law Dictionary) and subject to direct questioning or its functional equivalent from a violation of his or her Fifth Amendment right against compelled self-incrimination, Miranda v. Arizona, 1966. This was a landmark decision of the US Supreme Court.

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Letter to the Editor: Luzerne County budget amendment votes

While campaigning for a seat on Luzerne County Council, I promised not to raise taxes. On Saturday, February 15, 2014, I kept my word. I voted to eliminate an 8 percent county tax increase that was passed by the previous council in December 2013. The hired county manager, Mr. Lawton, admitted he did not take time to review the line-by-line budget proposal I submitted to him and other members of council. Mr. Lawton insulted me. After being chastised by Wilkes-Barre resident Betsy Summers for his unprofessional comments, he attempted to make an apology.

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Letter to the Editor: Found your paper on my doorstep

Last weekend your paper ended up on my doorstep. I was not going to read it and thought it was just a lot of junk papers with coupons that I cannot use, like the junk papers that end up in my mailbox. What really made me open you up and read it was what was on the front page. It says, “Wilkes-Barre Independent Gazette,” with the eagle on it — love that.

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Letter to the Editor: The politics of skywatching

Those with even a smattering of science education should be able to discern the differences between CONdensation trails and chemtrails. It’s time to know what the Pentagon is up to — the chemistry, the schedules, the effects. Your life may depend on it. And we make fun of a “good German.”

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